Our Team

The hypermobility service at the Hospital of St. John and St. Elizabeth is a multi-disciplinary service which includes consultant rheumatologists, neuro gastro-enterologists, specialist physiotherapists and pain psychologists.  The team are extremely experienced and sought after and receive referrals from the UK and across the world.

Our Consultants

Other Consultants

Specialising in Hypermobility At Hospital Of St John & St Elizabeth

Professor Qasim Aziz

Gastroenterologist specialising in hypermobility of the gut

Professor Christopher Mathias

Neurologist specialising in hypermobility neurovascular disorders

Professor Francis Michael Pope

Geneticist specialising in hypermobility disorders

Pain Psychologists

Hypermobility Physiotherapists

Swati Bhagat

Paediatric patients only

Rosemary Keer

Lead hypermobility physiotherapist

Dr Jane Simmonds

Lead hypermobility physiotherapist, treating paediatric patients only

"The Hypermobility Unit offers first class care and advice at the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth"

Caroline Fox - CEO